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What Are Xeomin Injections?

Like Botox and Dysport, Xeomin is a neuromodulator/neurotoxin, a class of drugs that temporarily block nerve signals to muscles in the body. This differs from dermal fillers, which work by adding volume where it is lacking. Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin all contain the same neurotoxin ingredient botulinum toxin. In large doses botulinum toxin is considered to be one of the most potent neuromodulators, however, in small doses, it proves to be an effective treatment option for various conditions, including excessive sweating, movement disorders, and more.

While Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin all contain botulinum toxin, there are some differences between the three cosmetic treatment options. For example, Xeomin only contains botulinum toxin, which, when comparing Xeomin vs Botox or Dysport, may make Xeomin a better treatment alternative to Botox or Dysport as it may carry less risk of allergic reactions.

As a botulinum toxin neuromodulator, Xeomin is specifically indicated for cosmetic treatment between or around the eyes, helping to combat unwanted signs of aging, such as frown lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles. Xeomin may also be used for the treatment of wrinkles and fine lines around other areas, such as the lips or forehead, however, you may need to speak to your doctor about your specific needs and whether treatment with Xeomin is the best treatment option for your needs.

Why Are Xeomin Injections Used?

Xeomin injections are used to help fight signs of aging around the eyes, such as:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Bunny lines
  • Frown lines
  • Brow wrinkles

What Does Treatment With Xeomin Involve?

  • Treatment with Xeomin is performed in the comfort of your doctor’s office as an outpatient procedure and involves your doctor gently injecting the Xeomin treatment solution into needed injection sites.
  • To begin, you will take a comfortable seated position. Treatment areas will be numbed prior to administration of the injection in order to ensure maximum comfort.
  • Once you are comfortable and relaxed, your doctor will gently inject the Xeomin solution into the skin. Treatment is usually administered at 20 units per visit.
  • Depending on your treatment needs, the Xeomin injection will either be injected into the forehead, between the eyes, or other areas. The number of injection sites will also vary based on your treatment needs.
  • Immediately after the procedure is complete, you may notice slight bumps at the injection sites. These should go away after 10–15 minutes.
  • Treatment with Xeomin is virtually painless and involves no scarring of the skin.
  • Visible results can be seen one to ten days after treatment and can last around three to four months. In order to maintain results, repeat visits may be needed.
  • After treatment, it is recommended that you do not scratch or apply direct heat to treatment areas.

Am I An Appropriate Candidate For Xeomin Treatment Therapy?

You may be an appropriate candidate for Xeomin treatment therapy if:

  • You have wrinkles, crow’s feet, or fine lines of the face
  • You have had allergic reactions to treatment with Botox or Dysport
  • You have realistic expectations

What Can I Expect During A Xeomin Treatment Therapy Consultation?

During your initial Xeomin treatment therapy consultation, you will meet with the plastic surgeon and their team. Your previous surgeries, your medical history, medications you are presently taking, and your overall physical and emotional health will be reviewed. Your skin quality will also be evaluated. Your surgeon will determine what you benefit from most and what will help to achieve your desired results. Xeomin cost, benefits, recovery time, risks, and limitations will also be discussed. The doctor’s patient coordinator will review treatment scheduling with you.

Patient Financing options are available at Miami Plastic Surgery® and can be discussed in more detail during your consultation.

What Are The Benefits Of Xeomin?

If you are noticing signs of aging around your eyes, lips, or other areas of the face, Xeomin may be an appropriate treatment option for you. Benefits of Xeomin may include:

  • Minimized appearance of skin imperfections
  • More youthful appearance
  • No downtime
  • Less risk of allergic reactions

If you are considering Xeomin treatment therapy in Miami, FL with the board-certified plastic surgeons at Miami Plastic Surgery®, call 305.595.2969 or fill out the form on this page to book a consultation.

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