Morpheus8 Treatment in Miami

Morpheus8 is a revolutionary microneedling treatment that Miami Plastic Surgery® is proud to offer. This unique fractional skin treatment works on any part of your body that needs resurfacing and renewal. Our clients often walk away from our treatments feeling refreshed in their face, abdomen, thighs, legs or buttocks.

When you want to restore that radiant, youthful appearance once again, our certified practitioners will help you achieve it. Our precision individualized Morpheus8 treatments drive results you can see for yourself.

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How Does Morpheus8 Work?

The Morpheus8 treatment delivers targeted radiofrequency (RF) into the deepest layers of the skin using an intricate layer of micro pins. The deep stimulation encourages collagen growth and rapid cell turnover, sending newer, smoother skin to the surface of the epidermis. This well-protected skin is softer, brighter and more elastic, resulting in a younger, more radiant appearance.

Morpheus8 is a minimally-invasive procedure that we can complete right in our clinic, allowing you to get the results you want without taking much time from your daily life. The length of the actual session is determined by the size of the area we're treating. Once you're done, you're free to return home and rest for the day or get back to work if you're feeling up to it.

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The Power of Fractioned Energy

Whether you get it alone or you combine Morpheus8 with some of our other med spa treatment options, we're sure you'll see how this unique RF technology brings microneedling to a new level.

Morpheus8 been tested and proven on a range of skin tones and types to ensure it is a comprehensive option catered to the diverse world we live in. Like the team at Miami Plastic Surgery®, the creators of Morpheus8 believe everyone should feel confident in the skin they're in, and that starts with making the tools available and accessible to all.

When Will I See Results?

As the initial redness and swelling disperse, you can begin seeing real results within a few days. These results improve with time, with many clients noting the best results emerge in about three weeks. You will continue to notice new beautiful skin for a few months following Morpheus8 treatment.

Most of our Morpheus8 patients do more than one session. Talking to us about the results you expect during our initial consultation and seeing how the first session contributes to that goal will help us develop a full treatment plan that may include several treatment sessions within the coming months.

Following each session, try to avoid makeup for the first 24-48 hours, as there may be some redness and micro-lesions that need time to heal. You should also moisturize the treatment area daily and use a broad-spectrum sunscreen while trying to avoid direct sun exposure.

Request Your Morpheus8 Consultation In Miami

Revolutionary new treatments like Morpheus8 are what the Miami Plastic Surgery® cosmetic professionals live for. We're here to help you realize and actualize results that make you feel like the person on the inside matches the outside. Get started today by scheduling a consultation online so we can begin the rejuvenation process as soon as possible.

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