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If you have excess fat around your stomach and want to get rid of it, a tummy tuck may be your ideal solution. The procedure can help boost confidence in how you feel and look. Our team at Miami Plastic Surgery are experts in abdominoplasty and other body enhancement surgeries to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Learn how Miami Plastic Surgery® can help you achieve the tummy tuck results you want.

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    What Is An Abdominoplasty?

    Abdominoplasty, or a tummy tuck, is a cosmetic abdomen surgery that eliminates excess fat and sagging skin to improve the appearance and shape of the abdomen. The procedure often also involves tightening the abdomen's connective tissue with sutures to achieve a flatter abdominal look. To finish the surgery, the surgeon repositions the remaining skin so the stomach area has a more toned appearance.

    At Miami Plastic Surgery®, our tummy tuck surgeons use the latest technology and techniques during abdominoplasty to minimize post-operation pain and ensure a quick recovery.

    The best candidates for abdominoplasty at our Miami location are those who:

    • Have loose skin and excess fat that doesn't go away despite exercising and eating healthily.
    • Have an average weight but also a protruding abdomen.
    • Have lost abdominal muscle control as a result of aging or pregnancy.

    What to Expect During a Miami Tummy Tuck

    If you're thinking of getting a tummy tuck in Miami, here is what you can expect during the process, from start to finish.


    During your consultation at Miami Plastic Surgery®, you will meet with our staff and surgeon to discuss your goals and health information and ensure you are a suitable candidate for abdominoplasty. You'll review your medical history, including previous surgeries and medications you are currently taking, and overall health.

    The doctor will examine your abdominal area and may take photos of it to keep in your medical record. After determining your eligibility and seeing what regions will benefit most, your surgeon will discuss their surgical plan and if any additional procedures are necessary to help you achieve your desired results.


    Abdominoplasty involves the use of general anesthesia. The surgeon will make a horizontal incision above the pubic region and trim and remove excess skin. The surgeon may also tighten and pull the abdominal muscles together before finishing the procedure.

    At Miami Plastic Surgery®, our surgeons use fibrin glue during tummy tuck surgeries. It helps the drains get removed faster — within three days. You'll receive a pain pump that runs for three days after surgery. Often, the pain pump is sufficient for most patients.

    Miami Abdominoplasty Procedure (Warning: Graphic Content)


    Recovery from abdominoplasty can take two weeks to two months, depending on how much skin and fat you have removed. Ensure you follow your doctor's instructions to have a speedy recovery.

    While recovering, you must avoid strenuous activity and any movements that could impact your abdomen for at least six weeks. Make sure you hydrate and eat enough food with the proper nutrition. You also need plenty of rest to encourage healing. However, moving around every few hours would be best to keep the blood flowing and reduce the risk of lung infections or blood clots.

    Abdominoplasty FAQs

    Commonly asked questions about tummy tucks include:

    People with a BMI of 30 or less are the ideal candidates for abdominoplasty. 

    Tummy tucks are permanent and can last a lifetime if the individual continues to follow a strong health plan.

    Tummy tuck surgery can last two to five hours, depending on the surgeon's techniques and the individual's condition beforehand.

    It's best to postpone getting a tummy tuck if you plan to lose a lot of weight or become pregnant. Abdomen muscles change during each scenario, so it's best to wait to have lasting results from the procedure.

    An endoscopic tummy tuck is a procedure performed using an endoscope. Guided by the endoscopic camera, your surgeon can sculpt your figure precisely and minimize the number and size of incisions that need to be made to achieve your cosmetic goals. Learn more about our endoscopic plastic surgery offerings and schedule a consultation today.

    Tips for Lasting Abdominoplasty Results

    After undergoing abdominoplasty and recovering, you'll enjoy your new look and feel more confident. While tummy tucks are permanent, you must keep up with your health and wellness to maintain results. Ensure your abdominoplasty results last a long time, if not forever, by maintaining a healthy diet and regularly exercising.

    Eat foods high in protein, vitamins and minerals, and drink plenty of water to ensure you have the proper nutrients to help you recover and stay fit. Once you've healed, you can start slowly exercising, like taking walks.

    Why Choose Miami Plastic Surgery® For Your Tummy Tuck?

    At Miami Plastic Surgery®, we do everything possible to ensure you have a successful tummy tuck to achieve your personal and aesthetic goals without too much pain.

    If you're considering abdominoplasty in Miami, Florida, ensure you get it done by a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Polo at Miami Plastic Surgery®. Call 305-595-2969 or complete the online contact form to schedule a consultation.

    Sheryl Hilton

    Great experience with Dr. Polo and his entire staff. I am an RN that has worked with Plastic Surgeons in the past. I asked some of my fellow Operating Room RNs who I should go to for a tummy tuck. Dr. Polo was the top recommendation. Dr. Polo and his team were very kind, thorough and informative. I had the tummy tuck 5 months ago and had an exceptional surgical experience. Dr. Polo and his team were attentive throughout the entire process. I had minimal pain after the first week and almost standing upright in the second week. I ecstatic with the results! I highly recommend Dr. Polo.

    Mayte Reyes

    My experience with Dr. Polo has been amazing. I fully trust his recommendations and feel confident he will do amazing work. I was hesitating to have a tummy tuck and breast lift but once I met him I knew I was in good hands. He answered all of the questions and was very professional.

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