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Have you been considering a cosmetic surgery procedure, but you’re concerned about scars? Endoscopic plastic surgery allows our experts to sculpt and mold your body to meet your aesthetic goals with minimal scarring or excess tissue damage.

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    What Is Endoscopic Plastic Surgery and How Does It Work?

    Endoscopic plastic surgery uses an endoscope, which is a narrow, tube-shaped instrument with a tiny camera at the tip that allows a surgeon to view the inside of your body. Our team will make small incisions before inserting the tool, which helps visualize a treatment area and allows them to perform surgery with other instruments more precisely.

    Some examples of cosmetic procedures that use an endoscope include breast augmentation, brow lift surgery, and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) surgery.

    Using an endoscope during your cosmetic procedure minimizes the number and size of incisions your expert surgeon has to make to achieve your aesthetic goals. This minimally invasive alternative to more traditional approaches means less downtime, so you can get back to doing what you love.

    What Is The Difference Between Endoscopic and Regular Plastic Surgery?

    Endoscopic and regular plastic surgery can both help you achieve your ideal look. However, there are some minor differences between these two procedures:

    Treatment Area

    While endoscopic and regular plastic surgery can both help you achieve your ideal look, the specific treatment areas for each can vary. For example, traditional plastic surgery for a facelift may only be able to treat the lower portion of the face. In contrast, endoscopic plastic surgery can reach delicate areas such as between the eyebrows.

    Incision Size

    Since traditional plastic surgery requires your surgeon to be able to insert tools of varying sizes, your incisions can range from a centimeter to inches. With endoscopic surgery, the incision only needs to be big enough to let the endoscope enter your body, which results in less scarring.

    Amount of Anesthesia

    Both procedures require the use of anesthesia to ensure you are comfortable and calm throughout the surgery. With regular plastic surgery, your procedure time is longer, which means it may take more time for the overall effects to wear off. For endoscopic surgery, the surgery is shorter and the incision smaller, translating to a lower amount of anesthesia being required and a quicker recovery.

    What Procedures Are Endoscopes Used For?

    If you’re considering any of the following cosmetic procedures, endoscopic plastic surgery may be an option for you:

    Breast Augmentation: known as the ‘scarless’ breast lift, endoscopic breast augmentations allow your surgeon to strategically place the necessary incisions in discrete places for an unnoticeable look. With nearly invisible scars, your decision to get cosmetic surgery is no one’s business but your own.

    Anti-aging Browlifts: turning back the hands of time is more seamless than ever with endoscopic anti-aging procedures. An endoscope allows your surgeon to be more precise and tailor your results to the unique structure of your face.

    Body Contouring: the most common use of the endoscope is in body contouring procedures like abdominoplasty. Guided by the endoscopic camera, your surgeon can sculpt your figure precisely as desired with less trauma to the body.

    Breast Augmentation

    What Are the Benefits of Endoscopic Plastic Surgery?

    As we’ve outlined above, endoscopic plastic surgery is an advanced technique that requires minimal incisions. The benefits don’t stop at less visible scarring. They include:

    • Faster healing with less complications
    • Greater accuracy for targeting specific problem areas
    • Shorter time under general anesthesia
    • More natural-looking results

    Dr. Max Polo is an expert in endoscopic plastic surgery, especially breast augmentation and anti-aging facial procedures. As a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience, many patients know him for his skill in creating seamless, natural-looking results.

    With access to the most advanced cosmetic surgery technology, he and our entire team of renowned cosmetic surgeons can help you achieve the look of your dreams.

    Breast Augmentation

    Is Endoscopic Plastic Surgery Safe?

    Endoscopic plastic surgery is among the safest options for cosmetic surgery patients. As a less invasive alternative to traditional surgeries, there are fewer risks of complications during and after your procedure.

    For patients who have concerns about going under general anesthesia, endoscopic plastic surgery could be an appealing option. Because we perform these procedures with the fewest incisions possible, patients spend less time asleep, so there is less risk.

    After your surgery, you can expect to experience some discomfort, but less so than with more intensive procedures. Many people can manage their pain with over-the-counter medications, or possibly a small amount of prescription painkillers. Because endoscopic plastic surgery results in a shorter recovery period, you won’t need to take these potentially hazardous opioid medications for a long period of time.

    Is Endoscopic Plastic Surgery Right For Me?

    Your decision to undergo endoscopic versus regular plastic surgery will ultimately depend on your specific needs. People who are just beginning to show the signs of aging or who want a less invasive surgery option will likely benefit from endoscopic plastic surgery.

    If you want a more dramatic change from your procedure or have advanced signs of aging, you may wish to pursue traditional plastic surgery. Regardless of your choice, you will have a recovery period in which you should avoid strenuous exercise.

    Scheduling Your Endoscopic Plastic Surgery In Miami

    If you need a little help achieving your ideal look, but you’ve hesitated to schedule your procedure because of potential scarring or complications, an endoscopic surgery may be right for you.

    At Miami Plastic Surgery®, we know each patient is unique. During your consultation, your plastic surgeon will take the time to talk to you about your goals and walk you through your treatment options.

    Be sure to discuss your concerns, including minimizing scarring or time under general anesthesia. If there is an endoscopic surgery option, our providers will gladly explain the benefits and what you can expect before, during, and after.

    Schedule your initial consultation today and get one step closer to the face and body of your dreams.

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