The Weight Loss Reduction Program

Struggling with excess body fat isn’t about a lack of willpower or effort. For many, the struggle to lose weight is related to underlying issues like hormone imbalances or another medical condition. These and other challenges can make losing weight an uphill battle that feels impossible – but there is a solution.

Miami Plastic Surgery is proud to offer the Miami Plastic Surgery Weight Loss Program, a medication-assisted weight management program that uses Semaglutide to aid in safe, sustainable weight loss.

Miami Plastic Surgery’s Weight Loss Program

At Miami Plastic Surgery, our mission is to help you feel more confident in your own skin. We understand that extra weight can have negative effects on your mental and physical health, relationships, and self-esteem. However, invasive options like bariatric surgery or liposuction isn’t for everyone, especially if there may be underlying health conditions at play. That’s why we’ve developed our very own Semaglutide weight loss program.

The Process

Step 1: Beginning with an initial consultation to determine your eligibility, our team of experienced medical experts will conduct a comprehensive assessment, including a physical, blood work, and body fat composition analysis.

Step 2: If you are approved to begin the Miami Plastic Surgery Weight Loss Program, we’ll schedule weekly treatment sessions over the next three months for you to receive your Semaglutide injections.

Step 3: Once you've reached your goal, we can help you maintain your results for long-term satisfaction.

What You Can Expect

Our team will also walk you through lifestyle changes which will help you achieve and maintain your goals, including providing a guide on proper nutrition. We’re with you every step of the way, providing the support and guidance you need to finally lose the extra weight and keep it off for good.

With this program, our goal goes beyond the aesthetic. Many patients who use Semaglutide for weight loss also:

  • Experience increased energy
  • Reduce risks for heart disease and stroke
  • See improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels
  • Report a greater sense of overall well-being

Miami Plastic Surgery’s Weight Loss Program isn’t like other programs on the market that only work short term. Our goal is to help you truly transform your life so you can lead a happier, healthier life.

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    What is Semaglutide?

    Initially developed as a treatment for Type 2 Diabetes, Semaglutide is an excellent tool for those who need a little extra help to lose weight and keep it off. But what exactly is Semaglutide? We know its the active ingredient in medications like OzempicⓇ and WeGovyⓇ, but what makes it such an effective medical treatment for obesity?

    Semaglutide is a glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist (GLP-1 RA). It works by mimicking GLP-1, the hormone your body releases to help you feel full and satisfied. As both an appetite suppressant and insulin stimulator, Semaglutide helps consume less calories and reduce blood sugar. This allows your body to burn through the fat stores for energy, helping you finally get rid of those extra pounds.

    Side Effects of Rapid Weight Loss

    As experts in the aesthetic medicine space, Miami Plastic is focused on helping you look your best so you feel more confident in your skin. While weight loss can be a great first step in that, the journey often doesn’t end there.

    For patients looking for significant weight loss, some unanticipated side effects can stand in the way of your ultimate goals. After weight loss, the skin may not be able to bounce back on its own due to loss of elasticity. This can leave you with loose skin, particularly around the jaw and neck as well as on larger areas of the body such as the abdomen, thighs, and upper arms.

    If you do experience these side effects as a result of weight loss, Miami Plastic Surgery is offering discounted rates on cosmetic treatments targeting loose, sagging skin. These include:

    To learn more about the Miami Plastic Surgery Weight Loss Program or our weight loss skin tightening treatments, give us a call or schedule your consultation online today.

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