Am I a Good Candidate for Botox?

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If you are wondering whether or not you are a good candidate for Botox, it’s important to note that Botox is actually one of the safest, least invasive methods of rejuvenating your appearance. It is far less invasive and has a much shorter recovery time than plastic surgery and can make a significant difference in your overall appearance, causing a significant reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

What Is Botox?

Botox is an FDA-approved cosmetic treatment used for the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines. It is produced from the Botulism toxin and has the effect of paralyzing the tiny muscles in the face that cause wrinkles to appear – wrinkles like worry lines and laugh lines are especially receptive to Botox injections. It is minimally invasive and safe to use as a cosmetic treatment long-term. You can also safely stop getting Botox injections at any time without any problems. Injections usually last 3-6 months.

How Do I Know If Botox Is Right for Me?

Botox has historically been used to treat serious conditions like migraines, lazy eye, and muscle spasms. It has even been used in the treatment of overactive bladder. Its use for reducing wrinkles and fine lines is similar to its use for other conditions, only far less of the Botox toxin is required to achieve results. It is a very safe cosmetic procedure that can even prevent the development of new lines and wrinkles. If you have noticed an increase in wrinkles, worry lines, or laugh lines on your face that you find bothersome, Botox injections may be helpful.

How Does a Botox Treatment Work?

Botox is injected into the area of treatment using an extremely thin needle. Results will be visible within just a few days after the injection. Botox injections are relatively pain free, but a topical numbing cream may be used to ensure your comfort.
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