What to Expect During Your Butt Implant Recovery Process

Buttock augmentation in Miami

How long is the butt augmentation and implant recovery timeline? When can I resume normal activities? Learn what to expect during your butt implant recovery process. Schedule your Buttock augmentation in Miami consultation with a top surgeon at Miami Plastic Surgery.

Butt Surgery Day

Improving butt proportions can provide more wardrobe options. It is advisable for you to have someone drive you to and from the clinic when your butt surgery is scheduled. Buttock augmentation in Miami could include bandaging and a compression garment to assist with healing. With butt implants in Miami, you might also have some troubles getting in and out of bed initially. Therefore, you should try to get a family member or friend to help you for about a week. The recovery time for buttock augmentation in Miami and butt implants is slightly different, depending on your personal characteristics.

When Can I Sit?

For butt implants with Miami patients, you should avoid sitting for at least a week after the surgery. The goal is to allow the butt implants to properly heal and securely position themselves in your body. After 2 to 3 days, the bandages will be removed. After bandage removal, you can shower and function more normally. After a butt lift, you cannot sit for a week. The cosmetic surgeon will explain when the stitches should be removed. Every patient is different. During the first couple of weeks, focus on reducing swelling and avoiding infection. You might want to purchase extra pillows. These can be positioned around you while you sleep on your stomach.

Returning to Work

Take some time off from work to allow your body to heal. Do you sit much at work? Of course, this will be one of the defining factors in when you can return to work. It might be very difficult to sit at work for 8 hours. Your standing at your desk could be a distraction. If you have had butt implants for Miami residents, then the most common return date is 2 weeks after the procedure. You will have regularly scheduled checkups with your cosmetic surgeon to chart your progress. Most of the swelling should be down after 2 weeks. After buttock augmentation in Miami you might also be able to return to work within 2 weeks. You can call your plastic surgeon at any time, if you experience severe pain or swelling.

Buttock Augmentation in Miami Consultation

For more information, contact Miami Plastic Surgery to schedule you Buttock augmentation in Miami consultation. Augment your beauty with Miami plastic surgery.

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