Where to Go for Tummy Tuck Scar Revision

close up of woman's uncovered stomach with marker marks for tummy tuck incisions

How is your stomach looking after tummy tuck surgery? You might have an unsightly hip to hip scar and want it removed. Find tummy tuck scar revision options in the Greater Miami area.

Tummy Tuck Scar Reduction Options

The size of your stomach scar will depend on your body, procedure and recovery time. Your belly button might be relocated during the procedure. You might have a hip to hip or upside-down “T-shaped” scar. The tummy tuck procedure will lead to some tension in your skin and lower abdominal area. After the surgery is complete, the scar will be the weakest link. Therefore, you will see the skin trying to compensate by stretching or widening. This is all a normal part of healing. You also might see it turn purple, which is a sign of healing. Unfortunately, the final results might not be seen for up to a year. Your body will continue to adjust itself. Right after the procedure, you should avoid massage for about 12 weeks. The plastic surgeon will usually offer suggestions for healing gel or cream. Follow the instructions for best results. Hydration, silicon sheeting and steroid injections might be used to soften the scar. Try to avoid direct sunlight immediately after the tummy tuck in Miami.

Tummy Tuck Scar Revision

Unfortunately for some people, the scar does not diminish enough in size. Most of the aforementioned procedures do not dramatically improve the shape, color or size of the scar. Silicone sheeting cannot prevent stretching of the scar. Creams might only change the color, not the depth or shape of the scar. Massage does not make the scar any thinner. Scars won’t disappear, but scar revision surgery can make them more appealing. Some might have done a mini tummy tuck for minor skin removal. This mini tummy tuck might leave a scar a little longer than a C-section scar. Tummy tuck scar revision might help you perfect your look.

Tummy Tuck Surgery: How to Hide Ugly Scar

When you still have the lingering effects of an ugly scar, then turn to Miami Plastic Surgery. We offer tummy tuck scar revision treatments and procedures. We will discuss your original abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) – how effective it was, were there complications and what is the scar shape? We will discuss which treatments, you tried before. After pregnancy, you might want to ameliorate your tummy tuck scars. Tummy tuck surgery might be able to reduce the size of your scar. Trust the professionals for tummy tuck in Miami: the surgeons at Miami Plastic Surgery. Contact us today by calling 305.595.2969 or reaching out online for more information.

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