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How often should I get a chemical peel?

Are you thinking about getting a chemical peel? It is a great way to keep your skin young-looking and blemish free. But, you do have to get them as part of your skincare routine to really see all of the benefits. How often should you get one, and what exactly is a chemical peel, anyway?

What you should know about chemical peels

Basically, a chemical peel gets rid of old skin. Chemicals are used to make the upper layers of the skin peel off, after which the body begins to make new skin. Here are some other things you should know about chemical peels:

• You can get different kinds of chemical peels. A light peel, for instance, treats superficial wrinkles. A deep peel gets down deeper into the layers of the skin to treat conditions that are more severe. How often you get a peel depends on the kind of peel you get. Patients can get light peels every month, but for medium or deep peels, patients should wait for 4 to 6 months between peels.

• As the body makes new skin cells, collagen and elastin are also stimulated to grow.

• A chemical peel can give you younger-, refreshed-, smoother-looking, and blemish-free skin. It can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and it can also treat conditions such as sun spots, rosacea, acne, and even pre-cancerous skin growths.

• The procedure typically only takes about 30 minutes.

• Your skin will begin to peel off in the days after your peel – the amount of shedding you see depends on how deep your peel was.

• Side effects to chemical peels are rare. If you do have any, such as irritation, numbness, or redness, they should only last for a few days.

• Most patients report there is no pain – just a feeling of tightness, sensitivity, or tingling.

• You’ll have to follow some after-peel instructions, such as no exfoliating for 48 hours and no going to the gym for 24 hours.

A chemical peel is a great way to refresh your skin, and it makes a great addition to your skincare routine! Contact Miami Plastic Surgery® for a chemical peel appointment, at (305) 595-2969.

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