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Ozempic® Face: Weight Loss Skin Tightening Options

Have you recently lost weight using Ozempic®, Wegovy®, or another weight management medication? These medications are effective in helping curb appetites and supporting many patients through their weight loss journey with amazing results. However, many are noticing a new problem: loose and sagging skin as a result of rapid weight loss.

Though it’s commonly called “Ozempic® face”, loose skin from weight loss is a common issue. It isn’t directly caused by Ozempic® itself, but rather your skin’s inability to retract properly as you lose those extra pounds.Dr. Max Polo is an expert in helping patients look and feel more confident after significant weight loss. From face and neck skin tightening to full body lifts, he has the knowledge, experience, and attention to detail to help transform your look.

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What are My Ozempic® Weight Loss Skin Tightening Options?

“In recent months, I see at least one patient every day seeking rejuvenation after weight loss facilitated by one of these new drugs,” Dr. Polo says, “For these patients, both minimally invasive and surgical procedures may be considered.”

Your Ozempic® skin tightening options may vary depending on a few factors, including:

  • Location of loose skin
  • Treatment area
  • Stage of elastosis (loss of skin elasticity)
  • Other desired treatments, such as body enhancement procedures

                    Ozempic® face Morpheus8 facelift Ozempic® face Morpheus8 facelift

During your initial consultation, Dr. Polo will take the time to examine your skin and discuss your concerns to help you decide on the best way to achieve your goals.

“For restoration of lost volume, facial injectables or autologous fat grafting would likely be the best options,” he says, “For tightening of loose, wrinkled or sagging skin, laser or radiofrequency treatments, and thread-lift procedures would be effective non-surgical options. Others may elect a more complete alternative and undergo a full face and neck lift surgery.”

How Long Will My Ozempic® Face Skin Tightening Results Last?

Depending on the treatment you choose, your weight loss skin tightening results can last a lifetime. Surgical excess skin removal procedures offer the most permanent results, but many patients want to avoid scarring or going under anesthesia

While endoscopic surgery options help to minimize and conceal scarring, cosmetic injectables and skin rejuvenation therapies can also help to improve the look and feel of your skin. Morpheus 8 microneedling is particularly popular for helping to tighten skin around the face and neck without needing to go under the knife. But, as non-invasive, non-surgical options, these treatments will require follow-up sessions to maintain your results. 

You’ll need to schedule touch-ups for injectables about every 3 to 6 months, and laser treatments or microneedling sessions about every 4 to 6 weeks. With Morpheus8, after your initial round of 3 – 6 treatments, you can expect to follow up with maintenance sessions about once per year.

I’m Ready to Say Goodbye to “Ozempic® Face”!

DISCLAIMER: Ozempic® and Wegovy® are registered trademarks of Novo Nordisk A/S. Miami Plastic Surgery is not affiliated with or sponsored by Novo Nordisk in any manner.

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