Why Moms Love Dermapen Treatment

When a woman has a child, her body goes through radical changes inside and out. The most noticeable and lasting changes that occur have to do with the skin. Every woman has a personal story about skin problems encountered from pregnancy. They do not always have to do with problems that are treated with difficult plastic surgeries. Dermapen treatment is an aesthetic therapy that new moms are discovering to enhance their skin. It is quick, and doesn’t require any type of tucking, cutting, vacuuming, or implants.

Dermapen Treatment Device

With a simple hand-held device that looks like a large writing pen, this type of treatment is most effective with facial skin, and skin that has stretch marks. There are things that women do not think about until they wake up one morning and notice with shock. Because of sudden hormonal and weight changes, acne and stretching happens. These skin conditions can have powerful negative effects on a woman. Dermapen micro needling treatment is a revolutionary way to address them.
Of course, operations like breast lifts and reductions help restore a mom’s pre-pregnancy appearance. Tummy tucks and liposuction are also wonderful for a mommy makeover. What women notice the most however, are changes to the skin on their face, and the skin in those areas preventing her from believing she can ever wear a bikini again. Dermapen treatment is a fantastic alternative to surgery.

Miami Plastic Surgery Dermapen Treatment

Dermapens gently glide over sensitive skin, and puncture it with micro needles at a rate of hundreds of punctures per second. These needles are so small that they do not cause bleeding and skin tearing. As the needles disrupt the elastic connections in the skin, they cause a cellular immune response. This response triggers collagen production in the skin. This is why Dermapen micro needling treatment is often referred to as collagen induction therapy, or CIT. When collagen is produced, it helps the skin become tighter and function properly.
This treatment is very effective for acne because it helps regulate oils and pore repair. It is extremely effective for stretch marks, because enhanced collagen levels tend to even pigmentation, and firm areas that have lost elasticity.

Miami Plastic Surgery Treatment For Moms

The best part of this type of treatment for moms is that it requires very little downtime in recovery. Hydration and minimizing UV exposure are recommended after treatment. It also only requires vitamin cream application a few days before to prepare the skin. This treatment ensures that women can quickly return to their mommy duties looking at least nine months younger.

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