When Is the Best Time for A Tummy Tuck?

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You can exercise and eat well and be in great shape and still struggle with tummy fat. Sometimes, the only way to achieve the flat tummy you desire is with a tummy tuck. A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is a very effective surgical procedure. In addition to removing stubborn fat, the procedure can be used to repair weakened abdominal muscles, tighten the stomach, and sculpt the waistline. But when is the best time for a tummy tuck?

Have the Downtime and Support Required to Fully Recover

Because a tummy tuck is a major surgery, you will need at least six to eight weeks to heal sufficiently. The first two weeks, especially, you’ll need help because you will have limited mobility and drains. The incision for a tummy tuck is often made from hip to hip. You’ll be exhausted at first, and you may experience some discomfort and pain. It’s important that you’re able to rest and recuperate with someone nearby to help with housework, cooking, and taking care of kids. You will not be able to return to work.

Stable Weight

Before having your tummy tuck, you should already be at your stable weight. A tummy tuck cannot be used as a weight loss tool. We recommend being at your target weight for at least six months prior to scheduling your tummy tuck. While the surgery is extremely effective in helping to shape your waistline, fluctuations in your weight can prevent you from enjoying the results of your surgery. If the weight gain or loss is too severe, you may even require a revision surgery.


Because of the nature of the incision, you will have a scare on your pelvic line. While the scar will be visible for several years, it will fade. The incision will be hidden in the bikini line.

12 Months of Healing

While you’ll be able to resume activity and even return to work after 6-8 weeks, the full recovery from a tummy tuck takes nearly a year. Initially, you may experience redness, bruising and swelling. These will slowly dissipate, but you may experience long-term numbness where the incision was made. You may find that as it heals, the area around the incision itches.

There are definitely factors you should consider prior to having a tummy tuck, but there really is no more effective way of achieving permanent results. And Miami Plastic Surgery®’s doctors use the most advanced medical techniques available that make recovery from your tummy tuck much more comfortable, including using fibrin glue in their tummy tuck surgeries, which allows the drains to be removed faster.  Most surgeons leave the drains in for 10-14 days, but due to the glue, MPS surgeons can remove theirs in 3 days. You’re also sent home with a pain pump that works for the first three days after surgery.

If you are considering abdominoplasty in Miami, FL with the board-certified plastic surgeons at Miami Plastic Surgery®, call 305.595.2969 or fill out the form on this page to book a consultation.

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