Your Hands Don’t Belong in a Horror Movie

With the passing years, one of the scarier areas can be the backs of our hands. As our skin thins with age, coupled with the extensive sun exposure we’ve all had living in sunny South Florida, the backs of our hands can become a highway of raised tendons and blood vessels. It can look as if our skin is about the thickness, and consistency, of crepe paper. 

It’s enough to make you wonder if a cameo in a future Tales from the Crypt episode could be in your future. 

But don’t fret. Our board-certified plastic surgeons Miami Plastic Surgery® can bring the backs of your hands back to life by adding volume with Restylane Lyft. 

Would I be a good candidate for hand rejuvenation? 

If these descriptions sound like your hands, Restylane Lyft injections can help: 

  •     Your hands have prominent veins and tendons due to volume loss
  •     Your hands appear wrinkled and thin

How does Restylane Lyft work for hand rejuvenation? 

Restylane was the original dermal filler, first approved by the FDA in 2003 for the treatment of nasolabial folds and other lines and creases on the lower face. Since those days, the Restylane line has expanded. Restylane Lyft was added and approved by the FDA in July 2015 for cheek augmentation and mid-face flattening. Then in 2018, Lyft became the first hyaluronic acid dermal filler approved for use outside the face when the FDA approved it for treatment of age-related volume loss on the back of the hands. 

On the back of our hands, a combination of fat volume loss, declining collagen production in our skin, and atrophy of the intrinsic muscles of the hand due to aging all work together to make the tendons, veins, and metacarpal bones overly prominent. 

Restylane Lyft is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the human body that is responsible for hydrating, plumping, and firming the skin. It does this by binding with nearby water molecules. 

To return volume to the hands, our surgeons inject Restylane Lyft subcutaneously. This means it is injected under the skin, but above the connective tissue that covers the tendons, bones, vessels, and nerves on the back of the hands. Once injected, the hyaluronic acid binds with available water molecules and instantly returns hydration and volume, noticeably changing the appearance of the back of the hands for up to six months. 

Tired of your hands looking like an interchange on I-95? Give us a call at Miami Plastic Surgery®, (305) 595-2969, and ask about having Restylane Lyft to rejuvenate your hands.

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