5 Treatments You Didn’t Know You Could Get from Top Plastic Surgeons in Miami

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Many people are not interested in undergoing a major plastic surgical procedure but are unhappy by something in their appearances. Plastic surgeons in Miami FL offer other lesser known non-invasive treatments that don’t require major down times. Ultherapy uses a safe, FDA approved device that delivers sound waves to the deeper skin layers without touching surface skin. The process works from the inside out as your body responds by making new collagen that lifts, tightens and firms skin. Typically, just one treatment is needed, and results can continue to develop over three months.

Kybella Injections

Kybella injections to the subcutaneous fat cells under the chin destroys fat cells that will then be unable to either accumulate or store fat again. This uses deoxycholic acid and is used to treat double chin conditions. The FDA approved procedure should only be performed by qualified plastic surgeons in Miami to avoid rare complications.

Hand Rejuvenation

Hand Rejuvenation treatments can restore the desired more youthful hand appearance by targeting fine lines, age spots, loose saggy skin, thin dermal layers and wrinkles. As individuals age, skin on the hands becomes less elastic. Some top plastic surgeons in Miami utilize several methods for improving the appearance of aging hands. These include bleaching agents, chemical peels, laser treatments, retin- A and intense pulsed light therapy. Dermal fillers, like Juvederm, covers tendons and veins while erasing deep hand wrinkles. Hands show signs of aging quicker than other body areas.


CoolSculpting is an amazing new treatment that doesn’t require surgery, needles or any downtime. FDA approved, this innovative procedure freezes fat cells that are then gradually eliminated by the body over several weeks. Many are raving about this safe, yet effective, fat eliminating procedure that gives natural looking results in 4 to 12 weeks. This is a wonderful option that plastic surgeons in Miami Fl are recommending for targeting those unsightly rolls of stubborn fat generally resistant to other fat elimination methods.

Laser Treatment

Another recommended non-surgical skin treatment that some top plastic surgeons in Miami FL are trained in is the VBeam Laser treatment. This device utilizes a special Pulse Dye Laser patented technology to deliver precise bursts of light able to minimize and improve unwanted skin pigmentations like age spots, rosacea, port wine stains and even surface spider veins.

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