How to Keep Your Tummy Tuck Results for Years to Come

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Many individuals are getting fantastic results after undergoing a safe tummy tuck by a Miami Fl renowned plastic surgeon. This cosmetic surgical procedure can tighten the abdomen, remove excess stubborn abdominal fat and even repair torn or stretched abdominal muscles that give the abdomen a flatter appearance. The proper name for this tummy flattening operation is called an abdominoplasty. Surgeons excise and lift up the dermal abdominal tissue and fat layers between the abdominal muscles and the skin. Excess fat is scraped away, and the skin is stretched down with any excess cut off to reveal a flattened abdomen again. Contact Miami Plastic Surgery to schedule you Tummy Tuck Miami FL consultation.

Full Tummy Tuck Vs. Less Extensive

The abdominoplasty scars are hidden just above the pubic region, and the surgeon can use existing scars from C-section births. Depending on the person, a plastic surgeon will determine if a full procedure is necessary, or whether a modified and less extensive moderated tummy tuck procedure can be performed with smaller incisions. Those that get a tummy tuck from a Miami Fl top plastic surgeon will be given immediate discharge instructions and tips to keep the phenomenal tummy tuck results looking terrific for many years.

Lifestyle Changes

While a tummy tuck can remove fat, if a patient doesn’t change their eating, exercise and otherwise unhealthy lifestyle habits, the impressive tummy tuck results might not last. This procedure should be done after a woman is through having children as pregnancy can stretch the abdominal muscles again undoing the results obtained during a tummy tuck. Patients should eat healthier nutritious and smaller meals avoiding bad carbohydrates, sugary sodas and high fat content foods. Meals eaten should follow the recommended portions set by nutrition experts. Staying hydrated with lots of water keeps individuals feeling fuller and maintains healthy skin.

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After the initial healing time following a beautifying abdominoplasty, individuals can get back into a normal exercise routine. For maintenance, a person should plan aerobic exercise at least three times a week. Getting proper rest, ensuring healthier snacks, avoidance of smoking and practicing moderation with regards to eating all work to maintain your slimmer midsection region. Try cooking new lighter meals, choose exercise that is enjoyable, avoid direct sun on scars for at least 12 months and avoiding excessive alcohol consumption to ensure better health and maintain a healthy weight. Find the right plastic surgeon to perform your tummy tuck Miami Fl by visiting us online, or call 305-595-2969.

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