5 Questions About Coolsculpting Answered!

Body sculpting Miami

CoolSculpting also known as body sculpting Miami is a nonsurgical cosmetic treatment that targets and freezes stubborn fat cells that are then naturally eliminated over time.

What is the Cosmetic Treatment Called CoolSculpting?

This innovative cosmetic treatment is a non surgical body sculpting Miami procedure approved safe by the FDA. This procedure utilizes cold to freeze stubborn areas of fat cells. The doctor can precisely aim the handheld cooling device to specifically target the exact location of fat cells. The frozen fat cells are gradually eliminated by the body naturally in urine over a period of time.

Will I Lose a Lot of Weight with a Body Sculpting Treatment?

While this treatment does target fatty areas, it is not to be used as the only weight loss solution. Some results will be evident within days, the full benefits are gradually noticed as the fat cells are eliminated over several months. Patients can lose 20 to 30 percent of fat, but it takes time to see the full results. Ideal candidates should be within about 20 to 25 pounds of their recommended healthy weight for the best results.

Which Areas of the Body does Body Sculpting Target?

This body toning treatment is best used in those areas where stubborn fat rolls and pockets exist. These areas include the waist, the “love handles” on hips, the abdomen, upper arms, back and underneath the chin.

How Long is the Recovery Time Following a Body Sculpting Procedure?

The body sculpting Miami plastic surgeon delivers is a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure performed in the office. The treatment takes about an hour, and patients are able to resume their normal routines immediately following the procedure. Some minor redness and numbness at the treated sites might be noticed but disappear quickly. Expect to feel a little pressure during the treatment, but there is no pain involved. Many patients read or nap during the treatment.

Are Body Sculpting Miami Results Permanent?

Adults do not produce fat cells as most people think. Therefore, any fat cells destroyed and eliminated after the treatment should remain permanent. However, when individuals gain weight, their body fat cells expand creating the same fat pockets as before. To keep your toned and trim results, make an effort live a healthier lifestyle that includes regular exercise, healthy eating and proper rest. Avoid excessive alcohol, or illegal drug intake and smoking.  Contact us for your Body Sculpting Miami consultation.

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