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In Miami, FL, liposuction is becoming a popular procedure to lose stubborn body fat. This plastic surgery option requires little downtime or recovery measures. This operation can usually be done as an outpatient procedure, and individuals can get back to their normal routines in a short time period. Some surgical site tenderness, bruising or swelling can be handled with mild pain relievers, and these symptoms will subside within a week or so when following the prescribed recovery instructions. Contact MPS for your Liposuction Miami Consultation.

Commonsense Recovery Tips After Undergoing Liposuction

Patients undergoing liposuction Miami should have someone to drive them home following the procedure. Individuals should also take it easy for a few days. It is best to wear loose and comfortable clothing after the surgery to decrease discomfort. Your discharge instructions should be followed exactly for the best results. Some other common sense recovery tips include eating light meals, getting enough sleep, avoiding smoking or drinking alcohol and keeping the surgical sites clean and dry. Any surgical site tenderness and/or bruising will resolve over a week or so. A mild pain reliever can also be taken.

Keeping Your New Trim Figure After Miami Lipo Surgery

It is important for individuals desiring liposuction by a Miami FL plastic surgeon to understand that liposuction should not be used as the only weight loss method. This procedure works well for individuals that are close to their recommended weight and have tried to lose the weight with dieting and regular exercise programs. Those considering getting a Miami lipo procedure will be able to discuss benefits and expected after surgery results during their consultation appointment with their plastic surgeon. Staying active, eating a low-fat nutritious diet and generally following a healthy lifestyle are helpful tips for keeping your new trim physique after undergoing liposuction.

Liposuction Miami FL Consultation

Liposuction is ideal for removing pockets of fat that remain even after the individual has tried exercise and low-fat diet plans to lose the excess fat. Individuals that are considered obese or have loose and sagging abdominal skin might need a tummy tuck to get the sleek look that they are yearning for. Learn more about your liposuction in Miami options by visiting liposuction Miami FL page. Schedule an informative consultation appointment by calling our Miami Plastic Surgery office at 305-595-2969 today.

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