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For many, it can be difficult to hide unseemly fat bulges in Miami FL. The weather is so beautiful, you might need to reveal a little skin when you wear light clothing on the water. If you want non-surgical body sculpting in Miami, give us a call – No downtime, no surgery, just great results!

Florida Fat Burning

Surgery is a major event, which can require a substantial recovery time. We understand that you might prefer a non-surgical treatment. Also, some patients are not good candidates for surgery. Cosmetic body sculpting Miami services include beauty injections, cold laser, ultrasound and freeze body sculpting. You have many great options. These attempt to minimize pain and discomfort, so you can get back to work the next day. These also are ideal for those tough-to-reach concentrations of fat.

Non Invasive Body Sculpting Miami

You have heard of ultrasound being used on pregnant mothers, well we can also use these sound waves for disrupting fat cells. We can target them, so they will dissolve gradually. Ultrasound is FDA approved. We want you to be completely realistic about the possibilities for these body contouring procedures. A healthy life can include these cosmetic procedures, along with a healthy diet and fitness regimen.

Avoid Miami Heat with Miami CoolSculpting

Athletes understand that a combination of heat and ice can assist with healing. This is part of the theory behind coolsculpting. This non-surgical treatment can be used on the chin or body to remove stubborn fat deposits. Get rid of those turkey jowls. This process is safe and permanent. Each application might destroy fat by about 20% or so. Scientists have calculated that it might take three days for the frozen cells to die. Then, your body will remove the fat through regular metabolization and lymphatic drainage via a process called “apoptosis” (or programmed cell death). There is no harm to skin, muscles or organs. Therefore, if you have a sensitive body, this might be ideal for you. This freeze body sculpting secret was discovered by Harvard. Since then, there have been more than 3 million satisfied customers who have enjoyed these cool sculpting applications. This is ideal for concentrating on problem areas. CoolSculpting is FDA cleared. Choose which body sculpting Miami service is the best for you. You can enjoy more convenient, less time-consuming body sculpting Miami services without sacrificing effectiveness. Discover the great results awaiting you.

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