Who Can Benefit from Ear Reconstruction?

MPS Ear reconstruction surgery

Many of us take our ears for granted unless they are too big or unseemly. But just like an acoustic tunnel, the ear is specially crafted to optimize hearing. Can ear reconstruction surgery improve my hearing? Who benefits from ear reconstruction in Miami?

Ear Channel Physics

Have you ever put up a satellite dish to collect your 9,999 different channels? Basically, the satellite dish is used to channel the freely traveling waves to your television. The same physics occur with your ear – it funnels sounds into your brain. While ear reconstruction surgery (otoplasty in Miami) cannot necessarily cure someone who is deaf, it can improve the sound acoustics. How? If you suffer from a torn ear, birth defect (called microtia) or cancer ablation, then your ears might be misshapen. The sound hits your ears and might bounce off. There are three primary focal points for ear reconstruction in Miami: otoplasty, microtia repair or defects.

Improved Ear Appearance with Ear Reconstruction Surgery

Sometimes, babies growing in their mother’s womb do not have proper embryonic development. Genetic ear anomalies (microtia) occur once every 6,000 births. Otoplasty for Miami citizens fixes large, prominent ears. After an accident or cancer bout, your ears might be deformed. For these problems, we might take cartilage from your rib cage to form your new ear. This minimizes immune system tissue rejection.

Ear Reconstruction Surgery Recovery

Before the procedure, we will review your medical history, conduct a physical examination and give you a hearing test. We want to create a baseline before and after ear reconstruction surgery. Of course, each patient’s circumstances are slightly different. But in general, this is what happens with ear reconstruction in Miami surgery. An incision will be made near the natural fold connecting your ear to your head. Our plastics surgeon will remove necessary amounts of cartilage and skin. Permanent sutures will keep your new ear cartilage in place. Temporary sutures will anchor the ear into position during healing. You might be given a headband for protection. Be careful with your new ears – avoid wearing glasses or hats. If you normally sleep on your side, you might want to purchase a neck pillow, like you would find for airplane flights. Keep your head elevated. We will schedule postoperative checkups to track your healing progress. If you want to improve your ear appearance or acoustics, we can help with otoplasty in Miami Florida.

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