Breast Augmentation Insights: Silicon or Saline?

Breast Augmentation MIami

The size, shape and other characteristics of every woman’s breasts vary greatly. While television and movie stars often undergo a breast enhancement procedure to make their breasts fuller and larger, the ordinary woman might not feel the same. Culture, race, age, background, health, genetics and a number of other criteria can affect the appearance, shape, denseness, tone, skin elasticity and more. Women who are unhappy with their breasts for any reason should consider the pros and cons of breast augmentation before making that final decision.

Some Common Myths and Truths Regarding Breast Augmentation

Before settling on enlarging or otherwise enhancing your unique breasts, take the time to review some common myths and truths regarding breast augmentations Miami specialists are educating the public about. First, bigger is not always better when determining what size implants would look best. Most plastic surgeons agree that the more natural enhanced breasts look and feel following surgery is a better indicator of happy and satisfied patients. Another huge myth is that all implants look fake. The newer implants are designed to create an incredibly natural looking breast shape. The choice between silicone or saline implants depends on various factors. To get all of the pros and cons straight from the experts, call today to setup your confidential consultation at our Miami Plastic Surgery center.

How Do I Find a Cosmetic Specialist That Performs Natural Breast Augmentations from Miami?

Always search for and select a plastic surgeon that has the right experience, training and elite skills necessary to artistically mold and shape a woman’s breasts into a more natural appearing condition. Choosing your breast augmentation surgeon is likely the most important part of this whole process. Look for a surgeon that has completed many breast enhancement procedures, and don’t be afraid to discuss your concerns with the doctor and other office staff.

Is a Breast Augmentation Surgery Recommended for Me?

Many women struggle with the decision of whether a beautifying breast augmentation surgery is the right choice or not. The best way to determine the answer is to consult with a topnotch specialist who can give an honest and true answer. Contact our friendly Miami Plastic Surgery practice to get more in-depth knowledge and answers for all of your breast augmentation questions. Access breast to view realistic before and after surgical photos and more educational material.

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