Tips for Resuming an Active Lifestyle After Male Breast Augmentation

Male breast augmentation

Many people assume that plastic surgery on the breasts is just for women only. The fact is that more men are undergoing male breast augmentation surgery by a top Miami surgeon for a several reasons. The two procedures are breast augmentation for males with PEC implants and gynecomastia surgery to reduce abnormal growth of breast tissue in males.

What is Involved in a Male Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Some men just can’t get their chest muscles to develop properly even after strenuous workouts and an active lifestyle. More men today are undergoing a breast augmentation for males that gives a guy a more masculine chest. The surgeon will place PEC implants to enhance the chest and pectoral muscles. These implants look very natural, and guys with underdeveloped chests often report higher levels of confidence regarding their body image.

Why Would Men Need Gynecomastia Surgery in the Miami Area?

There are many men who develop breast tissue due to hormone imbalances, a reaction from many medications, heredity factors or as a result of various diseases and health conditions. Men who are obese may also suffer from this undesirable breast tissue swelling and/or development. This can occur in just one breast, or both sides may be involved. Men with this issue can undergo male breast augmentation also known as gynecomastia surgery to remove the extra fatty tissue of the breast. The surgeon can remove excess breast tissue to restore a man’s chest back to a more masculine appearance. Effective treatment involves finding and treating the source of the abnormal breast tissue in the first place.

Tips for Resuming an Active Lifestyle After Male Breast Augmentation

After a breast augmentation for males, it is crucial to follow all discharge instructions exactly. This includes activity limitations until the surgical site is fully healed. For a natural look, the patient’s body needs to develop a capsule surrounding the pectoral implants. Patients should rest for the first 48 hours. There should be no strain put on the chest and underlying pectoral muscles. Since the implants are placed under the muscle, it takes a month or more to fully heal. Patients can walk or perform lower body exercises when energy level is back. No cardio workouts, strain on chest muscles, bouncing or rigorous arm motions until cleared by surgeon.
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