Everything You Need to Know About Exercising After a Breast Lift

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How often do you exercise? You know that there will be recovery after your breast lift in Miami. Here is everything you need to know about exercising after a breast lift Miami procedure, so you can plan accordingly.

Rest for Best Results During Breast Lift Recovery

here are actually many factors that go into a breast lift that can impact recovery times. These include whether you have had children, incision location and size, type of breast implant and whether the lift is over or under the pectoralis muscle. Typically, the saline breast implant can be filled after the incision is made permitting our plastic surgeon to make a smaller incision. Medical professionals have their own preferences concerning whether the breast implants are placed above or below the pectoralis muscle. Why does the muscle matter with respect to breast lifts? The muscle provides additional soft tissue coverage and can also be useful in shaping your breast’s upper portion. When your implant is “above the pectoralis muscle,” you might be able to get back to normal activities sooner following surgery. Some plastic surgeons prefer placement of the breast implant “below the pectoralis muscle”, as it could be useful for contouring; the normal woman’s breast is slightly contoured at the top and not completely round, as most implants are.  Regardless of the technique used by your plastic surgeon, rest is imperative for the best results following your breast lift procedure.

Plan Your Schedule

Post-op visits are an important part of the breast lift Miami process.  Plastic surgeons will be able to remove bandages and assess how you are healing throughout the days and weeks following surgery. After a breast lift procedure, women might need to wait up to six weeks before returning to their exercise routine.  It is important to follow your plastic surgeons suggestions of when to return to your regular routine.

Look & Feel Great

In the end, your recovery from a breast lift at Miami Plastic Surgery will depend on you. If you are physically fit, then you will recover faster. You might want to take a little time off, and when we give you the “green light,” you can start exercising again. Contact us to schedule a breast lift Miami consultation where we can discuss the characteristics of your breast lift.

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