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Often known as the part of the vagina that you can see, the labia comes in many different shapes and sizes. Even though the labia is probably only seen by a woman’s partner, some females with enlarged and uneven labias suffer from low confidence and self-worth, especially during intercourse. A remarkable procedure known as labiaplasty can significantly improve the appearance of your vagina by reshaping the outer structure. The labiaplasty procedure can also restore your overall quality of life and boost your confidence.

Defining the Structures

The two main parts of the labia are the labia minora and labia majora. The primary purpose of these two skin folds is to protect the inside of the vagina. The labia is not necessarily supposed to be attractive, but most women want this part of their vagina to have a normal structure.

Well-known Risk Factors

There are many factors that can play a role in altering the appearance of your labia. One of the main factors is childbirth. During childbirth, the labia often loses its original shape and stretches out. Because gravity can pull on you as the years go by, aging can also cause the labia to lose its elasticity.

What Happens During a Labiaplasty?

During the procedure, the surgeon will reconstruct the labia to a normal shape. The reconstruction may involve the labia minora, labia majora, or even both. The procedure is not meant to decrease sensation down there, so the surgeon will only remove extra skin that is contributing to the vagina’s unattractive appearance. Once the surgery is over, you should follow your doctor’s post-op instructions, which may involve wearing a sanitary pad to keep bacteria away.

Benefits of The Procedure

Almost immediately after surgery, you will notice a total transformation in the appearance of your labia. The labia minora will not be hanging further down than the labia majora. The labia majora will also not look so droopy.
Along with the physical enhancements, you will also notice a positive change in your mental state. More than likely, you will instantly feel confident and will not feel the need to have to hide anymore.
Most women also report enhanced pleasure too since the procedure will eliminate any pain or other issues that used to occur during intercourse.

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If you are tired of dealing with irritation when you ride a bike or a horse, or if you are displeased with the appearance of your vagina, this great procedure may be for you. Based in Miami, Florida, Miami Plastic Surgery provides unprecedented plastic surgery procedures like breast augmentation, facelifts, abdominoplasty, and much more. For more information on a surgery that is designed to make you feel confident in your own skin, schedule a consultation today with Miami Plastic Surgery.

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