Am I the Perfect Candidate for Butt Implants?

Butt implants

Some individuals dislike their flatter butts that lack curves. Many cultures are more prone to prefer a more curvaceous figure and fuller buttocks in their women. This includes many Hispanic communities, African American groups and others. The decision to undergo a buttock augmentation in Miami using butt implants is really a personal one, and no patient should seek this cosmetic surgery unless they are doing it because this is what they personally want as opposed to having it done because someone in their life put pressure on them to change their appearance. Contact Miami Plastic Surgery for your butt implants consultation and find out if this surgery is right for you.

What Are the Benefits of Receiving Butt Implants and Are Results Permanent?

This type of procedure can use the special implants to fill out the buttocks region and give them a more rounded and sometimes lifted look. Another option is to use fat grafts that are harvested from the patient’s own fatty areas such as the upper thighs. This option gives a very natural result, and while those changes are visible right away, the full effect will not be seen for about a year. The fat tissue grafts will often be reabsorbed by the body over time, and some of the fullness of the butt area could become lessened necessitating further surgery. Some benefits of the butt implants cosmetic procedure commonly reported are higher self-esteem, better body image, increased confidence in your appearance and better fitting clothes. A butt lift can also be performed to lift saggy buttock skin back into a more youthful and healthier state. This can tone loosened skin, underlying buttock muscles and other structures. Implants are permanent, and fat grafts to the buttocks can last years or longer. Sometimes all of these procedures are done concurrently.

Am I the Perfect Candidate for Butt Implants in Miami?

The perfect candidate for the butt implants procedure is someone who has a true realistic view and expectation for the end results. Other criteria include patients in good health, those with noticeable asymmetry in the buttocks area, non-smokers, minimal alcoholic drinking, no illegal drug use and those people currently unhappy with the roundness, shape and fullness of their flatter buttocks and wish to change it.

How Do I Find a Plastic Surgeon Able to Perform Butt Implants in the Miami Area?

Call to schedule your consultation at Miami Plastic Surgery, and learn more regarding butt implants in Miami at Miami Plastic Surgery.

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