Hair Restoration Is More Natural and Effective Than Ever Before!

Hair restoration Miami

Some men have probably had hair restoration Miami and you didn’t even know it. That is how much hair replacement in Miami has advanced. Hair restoration is more natural and effective than ever before!

Full Head of Hair with Hair Restoration Miami

Why are people so preoccupied with hair? Perhaps, there is a feeling that the presence of hair is better than its absence. It is like wealth. Just as you would rather have wealth, you would rather have hair. Hair also performs a body function. The hair follicles are very sensitive and might have some hidden electro-magnetic powers. Plus, with a full head of hair, you can do more with it. In many cultures, a full head of hair is a symbol of vitality. You are strong and in the prime of your life with a full head of hair. You grow more hair when you become a man. Therefore, if you lack hair, then people might have some negative connotations of your abilities.

How Does Follicular Unit Extraction Work?

Not all hair restoration Miami systems are created equal. We use the minimally invasive Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair restoration system. The goal of FUE is to loosen the hair follicular unit near the arrector muscle to use for the transplant. Because it uses your own hair, it looks more natural. This also does not leave a very large scar because a 1-mm needle is used. FUE has been around since 1988 and is one of the more advanced procedures for hair replacement in Miami. Patient recovery times tend to be shorter when this method is used.

Restore Your Hair with Hair Restoration Miami

We provide you with the best beauty procedures. We survey the landscape to see which are the most effective and least invasive. We know you have a busy life and don’t want to have much down-time. That is why we have selected the FUE system. We believe it is a winner and can help you restore the hair that you have lost. Nowadays, you can use beauty treatments to control the image that you project to the world. You are not as limited as before. Control your life with the right hair replacement procedure. When you start to bald, you might feel like you have lost a little of your vitality. Call us to arrange for a hair restoration Miami consultation. We emphasize natural-looking solutions. Regain your hair, regain your life.

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