Dermapen – a Non-surgical Option for Fine Lines, Acne Scarring and More

MPS dermapen treatment Miami

If you have ever wondered what the difference is between dewy, healthy skin and aging or damaged skin, the answer is often something called collagen. This compound is in plentiful supply when you’re young, but the supply lessens as you age. Recent studies have shown that one way to stimulate collagen production is by inflicting minute amounts of damage to skin cells. This is the theory behind micro needling, a technology created to bring proper healing to scars and erase fine lines. Dermapen treatment Miami is a cutting-edge device designed to offer accurate, targeted micro needling therapy.

How Does Micro Needling Work?

Microneedling works in a way that is similar to getting a tattoo. A device moves quickly along your skin, vibrating quickly to cause tiny pokes on the skin’s surface. A Dermapen treatment Miami has more than one needle, however, and instead of delivering ink below the surface of the skin, it creates channels in the skin that activate the body’s natural collagen production process.

What Do You Need to Do Before Micro Needling?

Dermapen treatment in Miami is easy to obtain. The first step in a micro needling appointment is to have a diagnostic appointment. You will meet with qualified staff to determine the best treatment protocol for you. On the day of your treatment, you will need to have skin that is cleansed and free from products that can cause problems on broken skin. Your treatment provider will give you more detailed instructions on what to expect the day of your procedure.

What is Dermapen Teatment Miami Aftercare?

After your procedure, you need to stay out of the sun as much as possible during the healing process. UV rays can affect the production of collagen and the speed of healing. The treated area should be treated as an open wound. Sunscreen cannot be applied, and your clinician may also prescribe or recommend an ointment and a post-treatment protocol. Cooling masks can help to speed recovery. Peeling skin is a normal part of the healing process and should not be a concern.

Where is Micro Needling Used?

There is a wide variety of applications for Dermapen micro needling treatment. On the face, chicken pox scars, acne scars, and fine, aging lines are all common applications. On the rest of the body, extensive scarring, surgical scars, and tattoo removals are all common procedures done with this technology. From C-section surgical scars to getting the glowing facial skin that you’ve always wanted, there are endless reasons to discover Dermapen treatment Miami for yourself.

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