7 Parts of the Body Where Liposuction Can Be Performed

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Liposuction can remove and/or contour stubborn fat pockets and rolls in various body areas. Thin tubes vacuum/suction out fat deposits.  Contact Miami Plastic Surgery for your Liposuction Miami FL consultation.

  1. Waist

Many individuals gain fatty tissue in their waist area typically noticed as individuals age. A Liposuction Miami FL plastic surgeon targets these fatty regions along the patient’s natural waistline. This can contour the waist to achieve that desired hourglass shape in females, while reducing unhealthy fat rolls common in sedentary middle aged men.

  1. Abdomen

The abdomen is a common body area where people tend to have trouble losing fat. This is especially true as individuals age. Women that have children often despair of ever losing their abdominal weight that was put on during pregnancy. Many women are getting liposuction performed in either/or both the upper and lower portions of their abdomen.

  1. Back

Mature individuals often notice that they have developed fat rolls somewhere on their back. It is common for older women to have “side boobs” or fat rolls on their bra line. Some ladies have to increase their bra size. The back skin makes it easier to remove fat bumps with liposuction at our Miami FL location.

  1. Buttocks

Many notice that their buttocks do not look as firm and fit as it once did. Women especially are prone to gaining extra fat in this region. Liposuction is an excellent option to reduce the fat volume in this area.

  1. Upper Arms

The upper arms are another common area where individuals can gain weight. The skin in this region often loses its elasticity as people get older. What was once toned muscle can easily turn into loose, saggy fat folds if an individual suddenly loses a lot of weight. Liposuction shaves off years.

  1. Thighs

Sometimes bodybuilders and athletes notice that their thighs become flabby after they stop the intense exercises. This body area is often a common spot for fat and cellulite to develop especially if this is a genetic trait.

  1. Hips

Often, people begin to notice that their hips are larger as they become older. Women with children often develop hip fat, and love handles on the hip area can be transformed to shapely with liposuction.
Many Florida residents are choosing to get Lipo in a Miami Plastic Surgery practice. Visit liposuction Miami FL for details, or call our friendly office representative at 305-595-2969 for your liposuction consultation appointment.

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