What Are the Different Rhinoplasty Procedures?

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How many celebrities have had nose jobs? This is one of the 5 most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. Learn about the top 3 types of rhinoplasty Miami surgery procedures.

Rhinoplasty Miami Reduction

A large, protruding, bulbous nose might make you feel like Pinocchio. You might feel that instead of people concentrating on your other beauty traits, everyone stares right at your big nose. Instead of having an eyesore, reminiscent of a circus clown, you might want to be taken seriously. Reduction nose surgery in Miami can smooth out bumps on the bridge of the nose, elongated nasal tips or wide flaring nostrils. Our cosmetic doctors will remove any large tissue, cartilage or bone material to give you the desired look. You can even point out which celebrity nose, you want to emulate. This reshaping surgery is quite common.

Rhinoplasty Miami Augmentation

Have you ever seen a nose that resembles a saddle or ski jump with a big depression in the middle? This is called a saddle nose. Augmentation rhinoplasty in Miami involves the cosmetic surgeon using either the patient’s own biological tissue or synthetic material to fill in that little depression. Before the procedure, our cosmetic doctors can show you two-dimensional or three-dimensional computer models with before and after views. Enjoy a regular shaped nose with a corrective nose job for Miami residents.

Rhinoplasty Miami Reconstructive

Have you broken your nose or had it damaged in a car accident? With post-traumatic, accident or reconstructive rhinoplasty surgery procedures, you can repair major damage. This also might be used for birth defects. This reconstructive rhinoplasty in Miami can improve both form and function. If the damage is serious enough, you might have problems breathing and\or sleeping properly. This reconstructive surgery might be used to straighten the nose, correct the nasal septum or reset the broken nose. Those with a broken nose might want to see one of our cosmetic surgeons as soon as possible, so we can make sure the damage is not permanent. If portions of the nose have been lost due to cancer or serious illnesses, then advanced methods, such as skin grafts or flap techniques might be used. The first rhinoplasty surgery in the United States was completed in 1887, so the procedure has become quite advanced. Many Hollywood celebrities might have had nose jobs without their fans even knowing. Choose which rhinoplasty Miami procedure is ideal for your nose job in Miami, Florida.

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