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How does sleep affect your skin?

Sleep – we could all use more of it! We all know how important it is to get enough sleep, for your mental and physical health, as well as your enjoyment of life (it’s hard to have any fun if you can barely keep your eyes open). But what about your skin? Is “beauty sleep” really a thing?

How getting enough sleep can help you look better

It turns out that, yes, it is true that when we get the proper amount of sleep (which, according to experts, is 7 to 9 hours of good, uninterrupted sleep every night) we do look better. Your body repairs itself as you sleep, and for the skin that means these benefits:

• Your skin looks refreshed and glowing. As you sleep, your body increases the blood flow to your skin, which prevents your skin from looking dull and lifeless.

• You avoid puffy eyes and dark bags under the eyes. Drinking enough water and using an extra pillow to elevate your head at night can help with this, too.

• You’ll get fewer wrinkles when you get enough sleep. As we sleep, the skin produces more collagen, which can help to prevent sagging skin and wrinkles.

• Skin products work better. Your skin can work on repairing itself while you sleep, unlike during the daytime when it is defending itself from the sun and other environmental factors. This means that your nighttime moisturizer can really have time to work.

Getting enough sleep, of course, also has the benefit of making you look better overall – after all, when someone says, “You look tired,” that is hardly a compliment! And when you don’t get enough sleep, your hair suffers as well. Your blood flow decreases, which can mean less nutrients to the hair, which can lead to hair loss and damage.

Even those lucky enough to get plenty of sleep can use a bit of extra help now and then – and all of us deserve the pampering that comes with getting a facial or other skin care treatment. Get some sleep, and contact Miami Plastic Surgery® for a skin care appointment. Call (305) 595-2969 today!

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