Just the Facts, Please. Labiaplasty Myths Debunked

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In the realm of cosmetic surgery, there is more trepidation and misconception surrounding labiaplasty than probably any other procedure. That’s partly because labiaplasty has a much lower profile than procedures such as breast augmentation or a tummy tuck. But it’s also because this is such a personal decision for a woman.

At Miami Plastic Surgery, we want our patients to know as much as possible about every procedure we perform, surgical and non-surgical. Toward that end, let’s take on four common myths surrounding labiaplasty.

What is labiaplasty?

Before we get started, let’s describe the procedure. Labiaplasty, also known as labia reduction, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that helps reshape the skin that covers the female clitoris and vaginal opening. For some patients, having large labia can create pain during intercourse, when wearing clothing such as yoga pants, and during certain activities such as riding a bicycle. For other women, they’d simply like to improve the overall appearance of these tissues and their genital area.

OK, on to the myths.

#1 Labiaplasty is very painful — Because labiaplasty deals with such a sensitive area, it’s assumed recovery has to be quite painful. Not so. This is not considered to be overly painful at all; in fact, most patients prefer to use over-the-counter pain medication in lieu of prescription medication. The sensation is one of soreness rather than acute pain.

#2 Labiaplasty is purely cosmetic — We find that cosmetic concerns are usually behind practical reasons for having these tissues reduced. When a woman has larger labia, they can cause discomfort during intercourse. The tissues can also come into play with running, biking, or in yoga classes.

#3 Labiaplasty is not permanent — These changes made by Drs. Kelly, Wolf, and Polo are permanent. The tissue removed is gone for good. These results can change somewhat with normal aging, but even pregnancy and vaginal delivery will not change your results.

#4 Labiaplasty will interfere with sexual stimulation — This misconception keeps many women from opting to have this procedure. The tissues adjusted with labiaplasty do not affect sexual feelings or sensations at all. The nerve endings most important for sexual sensation are located elsewhere and not impacted. Patients do need to wait for 6 weeks before any sexual activity, but that is to allow for healing.

Bottom line? Labiaplasty can remove pain associated with having large labia, whether during sexual activity or activities such as running. It will remove any stigma when wearing clothing like yoga pants. And it can improve the way a woman feels about her body. So, don’t listen to the myths. If you’re interested in labiaplasty with the board-certified surgeons of Miami Plastic Surgery, please give us a call at 305.595.2969 to set up a consultation.

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