Kybella Injections – Are They the Right Choice for You?

MPS Kybella Injections

I have a double chin and want to reduce it with a non-surgical procedure. Are there any cosmetic surgery procedures that can help? Are those Kybella injections for double chins, sagging jowls and turkey necks?

What Are Kybella Injections ?

Do you have a double chin that resembles the jowls of a turkey? While it might be perfect for Thanksgiving, it could be a little annoying during the rest of the year. You might hear snickers or gobbles behind your back. The modern cosmetic Kybella injections are aimed at reducing your double chin. Like some of the other popular beauty products, Kybella is a man-made composition that attempts to replicate naturally occurring fat reducing chemicals in your body – in this case, deoxycholic acid. Kybella (keoxycholic acid) is similar enough to the natural chemicals in your body that there is less of a chance of your immune system rejecting it. Kybella treatments are made under the chin to directly target the excess fat. The goal is to decrease the fat so that your double chin becomes a single chin, once again.

Who Can Use Kybella?

You must be over 18 years old to use Kybella. It is also important that you share your medical history with your doctor. Discuss if you have these conditions or are taking these medications: blood thinners, chin infections, trouble swallowing, a thyroid disorder, swollen neck lymph glands, hemophilia, breastfeeding or pregnancy. Some blood thinners have an adverse reaction with Kybella.

How Many Kybella Injections Treatments Are Required?

The Kybella product is very effective in reducing fat hanging from the bottom of your chin. All patients vary but a common Kybella injections regimen might involve 6 x sessions of up to 50 x injections per session. Your beauty doctor will determine how many injections are needed for your condition. You can use a topical numbing medication or traditional ice pack to ease pain and discomfort. You should schedule treatments less than 1 month apart. It is also important to note that Kybella in Miami has only been proven effective for use under the chin. If you have a double chin and want a non-surgical treatment, then give us a call. We can discuss Kybella treatments and determine if you are a candidate. Improve your appearance. Double chins, sagging jowls and turkey necks can create a bad impression; make a good impression with fat burning Kybella in Miami.

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