Meeting time? Strategies for improving your Zoom-call appearance

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Q: Dr. Wolf, I have a lot of my business meetings now virtually and I need to get myself looking better because every time I look back on my Zoom screen it’s scary. What can I do to make myself Zoom ready?

A: Before I tell you the medical things that will help you look better I’m gonna give you some logistic advice. Position your camera above you so it’s slightly looking down on you and get a ring light that will enhance your appearance and get rid of the shadowing that often comes with home offices.

With all the new cameras that are available now, skin tone, skin texture and wrinkles are even more evident than before. Because of this I like to employ my triple play in skin care to make my face look much better. I like to use Skinceutical products, which I find very reliable in making my patients’ skin look great. I use CE Ferulic vit c serum, Ha intensifier hyaluronic serum and, for pigmentation changes, Discoloration Defense. For patients who have oily skin I substitute Phloretin CF for the CE Ferulic. .

With respect to wrinkles and exaggerated motion in your face, neurotoxins such as Botox and Dysport are excellent. They will help to smooth out wrinkles and give you a non-surgical brow lift while softening your look when you get too close to the camera!

If you have lost weight and look tired or unhealthy, facial fillers can help. Voluma, Restylane and other hyaluronic acid fillers can help restore loss of volume. These fillers can also be used to enhance your lip volume and get rid of unwanted wrinkles around your face. When you get rid of the wrinkles the shadowing will be less noticeable and you will have a more inviting appearance.

If all else fails, you can always undergo a blepharoplasty (eye surgery), since this is the most visible part of your face behind your mask.

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