Why Should I See A Plastic Surgeon for Non-Surgical Treatments?

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If you’re thinking about having a cosmetic non-surgical treatment, there are many reasons why you should still see a plastic surgeon.

Training and Skill Level

Plastic surgeons have years of training in aesthetics and have definitive expertise in facial anatomy. Because of this knowledge, they are able to more skillfully use non-surgical treatments, such as injectables, in the most appropriate ways. Most people have seen a celebrity who looks as if they have a single expression frozen on their face; this is the result of seeing someone who doesn’t necessarily have full knowledge of facial anatomy to skillfully use Botox® and other treatments in ways that make your face look more youthful but still natural.

Plastic Surgeons Know Skin

Because of their extensive training, plastic surgeons are also highly training in understanding skin care, skin diseases, and are experts in managing and minimizing scar tissue. They also have the ability to recommend – and provide – a surgical option for a cosmetic issue should the non-surgical option be the wrong choice. Someone licensed only to provide non-surgical solutions may provide those solutions because they don’t know they won’t work or they are the only solutions they have to offer.

You May Be Referred to a Plastic Surgeon Anyway

If you start with an aesthetician, cosmetologist, or dermatologist, your cosmetic need may be too complicated and you’ll be referred to a board certified plastic surgeon who is capable of handling the complexity anyway. Plastic surgeons offer patients:

  • A deeper understanding of facial anatomy and how muscles and bone structure interplay to create expression
  • The option to offer a surgical solution if the non-invasive procedure doesn’t or won’t work
  • The ability to recognize and treat complex skin issues
  • Can combine non-surgical and surgical solutions for the best outcomes
  • Can customize treatment based on the person’s needs, wants, and health

Miami Plastic Surgery has assisted thousands of patients with non-surgical procedures in Miami, all with great results. We love to see our patients’ confidence level rise as we complete the treatment. It is our mission to leave you feeling happy when you leave our facility.

If you are considering a cosmetic procedure in Miami, FL schedule your consultation at Miami Plastic Surgery®, by calling 305.595.2969 or fill out the form on this page to book a consultation.

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