5 Essential Nose Surgery Recovery Tips

Nose Surgery Miami

You can create the beautiful face, which you have always wanted with a nose job for Miami residents. First, you need to buy the right healing supplies. Here are 5 essential nose surgery Miami recovery tips.

Ice Your Body

After Nose Surgery Miami rhinoplasty, you will have redness, swelling and mild discomfort. We will provide you with pain medication prescriptions to deal with the pain. You should use ice cubes, frozen peas and a frozen towel to reduce the swelling.

Moisturize Skin

You also might want to purchase some cotton swabs, baby wet naps and sensitive care moisturizing oil to take care of your skin after nose surgery in Miami. You want to purchase the oil without any additives, like baby oil. This is less likely to lead to an infection after your nose surgery Miami. You also might want a variety of oils. Some will assist with the healing process. Topical creams are also useful for Miami rhinoplasty recovery.

Eat Well

After you undergo a nose surgery Miami procedure, you need to provide your body with the essential nutrients to help it heal. Some of the best foods for healthy skin include salmon, sardines, avocados, walnuts, yogurt, pomegranates and sunflower seeds. You might have a lot of nervous energy, sitting in bed recovering – a bag of sunflower seeds serves many purposes.

Sleeping with Head Elevated

The first couple of nights after Miami rhinoplasty, you should sleep with your head elevated. Many people who had a nose job Miami suggest that you purchase an airplane pillow. Thereafter, sit up in a reclining chair to sleep. This is so you don’t roll over and harm your nose incisions in the middle of the night. Eventually, after a couple of days, you can return to your normal bed.

Cover Your Incisions after Nose Surgery Miami Procedure

Your body will create a protective layer over the incisions. This scar tissue will be tender and sensitive to dryness, sunlight and temperature variations. If you go outside, you will need to cover your incisions after your nose job in Miami. Ask your doctor how long you should wait before showering.
You can do what you can do. Plan ahead to enjoy the best recovery. We will also do our part. We will provide you with pain prescriptions. We will check your progress during post-operative visits. Together, we can make your nose surgery Miami recovery, a ringing success.

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