5 Essential Otoplasty Recovery Tips!

Otoplasty Miami

My child is being called horrible names, like Dumbo, because he has large ears. Is there anything I can do? Learn 5 essential otoplasty Miami (ear reconstruction) recovery tips!

  1. Patient Age for Otoplasty Miami Procedure

Children can be quite blunt. We love their honesty, but it can be difficult to develop positive self-esteem when your child has abnormalities, such as large ears. The truth is that otoplasty Miami procedure can be done on children or adults, but is usually completed on children for the sake of self-confidence. We recommend that the child be at least 5 or 6 years old with fully-developed ear cartilage.

  1. Otoplasty Miami Preparation

We prefer that the procedure is done on children because their softer cartilage is easier to mold. This allows us to create a closer match to what you want for ear reconstruction in Miami. Ear reshaping or pinning involves making an incision just behind the ear, removing extra skin or cartilage, sculpting the ear and stitching the ears into place. We will place fluff bandages on the incision. The patient should wash his hair before the procedure because he cannot do so for 2 days after the procedure.

  1. First Few Days

We will examine the patient within the first few days after the otoplasty Miami procedure. We will remove the initial bandages when the bleeding has subsided. The patient should wear a soft headband for the first week or so. You might want to purchase an extra loose headband or big stocking cap that can fit over the head and ears. Find one that can be tossed after healing is complete.

  1. First Month

Keep your head elevated, some suggest using multiple pillows and sleeping in an upright reclining chair initially. The typical recovery time for ear reconstruction in Miami is 3 weeks. Avoid pressure on your ears. Keep your head cool and dry for the first week.

  1. Avoid Sports

Avoid contact sports or vigorous activities until the ears have completely healed. You will be given pain medication after ear reconstruction in Miami to assist with healing. Besides the aesthetic reasons, you can also have a otoplasty Miami procedure to improve hearing functionality. You don’t want to miss out on life’s wonderful sounds. The intricate ear shape is an amazing funnel of the world’s sounds. Contact us for more information. Beautiful ears can create higher levels of self-confidence in children and adults.

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