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Portrait of stunning woman in towel and turban on head enjoying touching her perfect face skin with fingers isolated on white backgroundPeople sometimes make the mistake of believing everything aesthetic practices tell them, without doing their research to check the veracity of that information. That applies to surgeons saying they are “board certified” when they are not actually board certified by the American Board of General Surgery, the American Board of Plastic Surgery, or the American Board of Otolaryngology. Those are the only board certifications that specify the training and expertise necessary to perform these plastic and reconstructive surgeries. Our three Miami Plastic Surgery® surgeons have this level of board certification. 

It also applies to Medical Aestheticians. There’s a difference between the training and requirements necessary to become a Medical Aesthetician. 

At Miami Plastic Surgery®, we encourage our patients to do their research, and in this month’s blog let’s talk about our Medical Aestheticians and their skills and expertise. 

Meet our Two Medical Aestheticians 

At Miami Plastic Surgery®, we have a dedicated and highly skilled medical aesthetician, Heidy Urra. And licensed by the State of Florida Board of Cosmetology. And have extensive training in the various procedures and treatments handled. 

Heidy Urra is a Medical Aesthetician at Miami Plastic Surgery® with over two decades of skin care experience. Heidy specializes in treating patients suffering from acne and rosacea. She also has developed a range of different anti-aging skin care protocols that help our patients prevent and protect their skin from our sunny Miami climate. 

Heidy is continually attending conferences in skin care techniques and technology. She has extensive training and experience with the SkinCeuticals line we offer at Miami Plastic Surgery®. 

The aesthetician at the local nail salon is not the same as the Medical Aestheticians you’ll find at Miami Plastic Surgery®. Give us a call at (305) 595-2969, and let’s schedule your treatment with Heidy and Ana.

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