PDO Thread Lifts

an attractive smiling mid adult woman on blue backgroundAs we age, we could all use some tightening of the sagging skin on our face and neck, but many of us may not be ready for a surgical facelift and/or neck lift. That’s why the variety of laser and other skin tightening treatments has exploded in recent years. 

At Miami Plastic Surgery®, we have an alternative — the PDO thread lift using NovaThreads. A thread lift uses the implantation of fine, absorbable threads to lift sagging tissues and to stimulate collagen production, providing lifting and tightening that can last up to two years. Dr. Polo performs these minimally invasive procedures for us. 

What is a PDO thread lift? 

A thread lift is a simple procedure where Dr. Polo uses temporary sutures to produce a subtle, but visible lifting of the facial skin. Unlike a surgical facelift, where excess sagging skin is trimmed and underlying support tissues brought back to a higher position on the face, a thread lift uses sutures to simply suspend the skin by stitching up portions of it. This has the effect of pulling the skin back slightly and lifting and tightening the face. 

These procedures have a secondary tightening mechanism. The threads used are made of the same material as absorbable surgical sutures. Once these are placed for their initial tightening, the body begins the process of absorbing the sutures, a process known as hydrolysis. This stimulates the body to produce new collagen around the threads. As the threads are absorbed, eventually turning to water, the new collagen remains, firming the skin for from six months to two years. 

How does a PDO thread lift differ from a surgical facelift? 

Both procedures lift and tighten sagging facial skin, but their methods are quite different. During a facelift, the surgeon releases the connections holding the facial skin in place. The skin is lifted back to a higher position on the cheeks, and the underlying muscles and support tissues are anchored in their higher positions. At this point, any excess sagging skin is trimmed away, and the skin is then re-draped. Facelifts have various incision locations, depending on the method, but they are typically hidden in the hairline or the crease in front of the ears. Due to the tissue repositioning, facelifts create a good deal of swelling and require lengthy recovery times. 

A PDO thread lift with Dr. Polo at Miami Plastic Surgery® is a different story altogether. For starters, PDO thread lifts only take about 45 minutes, and patients only need local anesthesia. Dr. Polo inserts the threads with a tiny cannula or needle into the different layers of the skin. NovaThreads have barbs or are smooth, depending on the area they are placed. Barbs help them anchor and hold the skin from beneath. By positioning the threads to elevate the skin, this creates lifting and rejuvenation. At four to six months, your body begins the process of absorbing the threads, which is an inflammatory response where new collagen is created. With a thread lift there are no incisions, and very little, if any, recovery. 

Interested in getting rid of some of that sagging skin around your lower nose and mouth? A PDO thread lift provides instant lifting that lasts two to three years. Call the team at Miami Plastic Surgery®, (305) 595-2969, and set up a consultation for a PDO thread lift.

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