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Beautiful young asian woman with clean fresh skin on white backgroundOur name may be Miami Plastic Surgery, and our three board-certified plastic surgeons are renowned and highly respected throughout South Florida, but we also have a great assortment of non-invasive treatments to offer our patients, everything from Botox injections to Ultherapy.

At this time of year, and after the last 18 months of COVID, we all deserve to treat ourselves. So, why not put one of our non-invasive treatments in your stocking for a present to yourself this holiday season.

Let’s get into some of what we offer.

Neuromodulators — Botox is the rock star of the entire aesthetic world, as it has been the most popular treatment around the world every year since it was given FDA approval for aesthetic use in 2002. We also carry Dysport and Xeomin, as they are both just a little different.

Dermal Fillers — We carry the popular Juvéderm and Restylane lines, along with Radiesse and Sculptra.

Hand Rejuvenation — In South Florida, our hands get a lot of sun, and they show it. We offer a variety of treatments to remove sun spots, hide elevated tendons and veins, and generally rejuvenate the hands.

Face & Body Contouring — You can tighten your double chin with Kybella injections or tighten your midsection and seven other approved areas with CoolSculpting.

Skin Tightening — Last month we discussed PDO threadlifts. We also offer Ultherapy, which uses ultrasound energy delivered deep into the dermis layer of the skin to tighten the skin without and harm to the surface.

Spider Veins — One of the more unwelcome signs of aging is the appearance of purple, red, and blue clusters of weblike veins coursing just under the skin surface. Spider veins. They are simply a fact of aging, but they can make you avoid putting on a swimsuit or shorts, and in Miami that’s not OK. We use sclerotherapy to remove those spider veins.

Laser Treatments — Whatever the issues you’re having with your skin — be it sagging and loosening, areas of hyperpigmentation, sun damage, age spots, or redness and rosacea — we have a laser treatment to improve things. Fractional laser skin resurfacing and intense pulsed light treatments deliver laser energy at different depths and wavelengths to address the specific needs.

If you’re wondering about the perfect gift for…yourself, give us a call at Miami Plastic Surgery, (305) 595-2969, and schedule one of our awesome non-invasive treatments.

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