Surgery or Injectables – What’s Right for Me?

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If you have a desire to rejuvenate your face, you may be confused about all of the different options available. Should you have surgery? Should you have an outpatient injectable procedure? How do you know what the right choice is? Whatever the choice, whether surgery or injectables, Miami Plastic Surgery’s team of top-quality, board-certified skincare experts and plastic surgeons help provide patients with the best possible outcomes in Miami, South Miami, and Coral Gables.

Benefits of a Facelift

If you have deep lines and wrinkles, excess sagging skin, or deep folds around your nose and mouth, or excess skin drooping over your eyes, a facelift may be a more effective treatment. While it is a surgery requiring anesthesia and has a higher up-front cost, it is an investment that lasts a long time. Good candidates for a facelift are non-smokers in good health. Recovery time from a facelift is longer than recovery time for injectables, but the results are more permanent.

Benefits of Injectables

The benefits of injectables for face rejuvenation is that you can often get a treatment on your lunch hour, see immediate results, and immediately resume activity. The cost and downtime are minimal compared to facelift surgery. However, injectables like Botox®and Juvederm only offer temporary rejuvenation and must be repeated every few months to every two years in order to maintain the appearance you desire. The ideal candidate for injectables is someone who has lost the plump, full look around cheeks or lips or has fine lines or light wrinkles and wants to quickly look younger without the recovery time of surgery.

How Do I Know What’s Best for Me?

Choosing between surgery and injectables is a personal decision that must include consideration of your health, the trouble areas you are trying to resolve, and the cost of your investment.

Our Miami Plastic Surgery team is highly experienced in their field of work. The instant you enter our practice, you can rest assured that you will be in good hands throughout your journey with us. If you are considering facelift surgery or injectables in Miami, FL with the board-certified plastic surgeons at Miami Plastic Surgery®, call 305.595.2969 or fill out the form to book a consultation.

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