How long does liposuction last?

Post-op 20 years later






One of the common questions I get about liposuction is “How long does liposuction last?”. This is usually followed by the question “Doesn’t the fat just come back?”

Many people have the misconception that liposuction produces temporary results. They believe that when I remove the fat in an area, it will ultimately return. But actually, the opposite is true. The body has a finite number of fat cells. If someone gains weight, their fat cells get bigger. If they lose weight, the fat cells get smaller. So unless a patient has surgery, the number of fat cells in their body remain the same throughout life.

Surgery changes that situation. Liposuction removes fat cells. So the total number of fat cells in an area treated with liposuction decreases. This is a permanent result. There are a finite number of cells after surgery so they can’t grow back. The reality is that as long as you keep your weight the same after liposuction, the fat will never come back. You will retain your shape throughout your life.

Attached are pictures of a patient I treated with liposuction 20 years ago. The first two pictures are her before and after pictures, taken three months apart from 20 years ago. The final picture is that same patient taken 20 years later. I think she looks even better now. She maintains her weight and exercises regularly. She has had two children since the surgery. And she still looks great! So if your shape bothers you, liposuction will fix it and as long as you maintain your weight, it will be a lasting result.

-Dr. Michael Kelly

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