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How to Augment Your Cheeks Nonsurgically

You may have noticed that some of the most beautiful women in the world have at least one thing in common – gorgeous cheeks! Having cheeks that are the right shape can bring a whole new look to the face. Surgery is one way to get the cheeks you want, but for many women surgery just isn’t the best option. It is possible, however, to augment your cheeks without the hassle and expense of surgery!

How injectable fillers can help you to have the cheeks you want

There are a variety of different fillers available, and your doctor will recommend a filler that can specifically get you the results you want. They may be made up of ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite, or poly-L-lactic acid.

Injectables can do many things, like reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And of course, they can also help to add volume to the lips and the cheeks. Injectables that are used to help change the cheeks include Juvéderm, Restylane, Radiesse, and Sculptra. Your doctor can help you to decide which filler would be best for you.

Injectables also have many other benefits. Patients report that fillers are painless, although you may notice some swelling and bruising, which can be treated with a cold compress and usually goes away after a few days. Patients can also get back to their normal activities as soon as the treatment is complete, although you should avoid the sun, hot tubs, and saunas for about 24 hours after your treatment. Treatments are quick and only take about 15 minutes, and you can have a filler injected while you are in your doctor’s office. The results of injectables are also long-lasting – many patients see results for up to 2 years – and you can start to see results within a week or even the same day of the treatment.

If you want lovely, movie-star cheeks, you don’t have to go through a surgical procedure to get them. You can have the cheeks you’ve always wanted with an injectable from Miami Plastic Surgery®! Call (305) 595-2969 today to make an appointment for nonsurgical cheek augmentation!

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