Contouring Methods Will Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back

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Women are excited about the various effective contouring methods used at Miami Plastic Surgery that promises incredible results in just 4 weeks or more. CoolSculpting is FDA approved, quick, non-invasive and delivers sensational results. Moms often complain of stubborn fat bulges in their abdomen, hips, face and buttocks areas among other regions. Respected plastic surgeon Dr. Polo is well known for his premiere Mommy Makeover Miami FL procedures.


Some women will opt for an abdominoplasty to rid their mid-central body areas of hard-to-get-rid-of fat accumulations common after bearing children. This slimming surgical procedure is a fantastic way to get back into your pre-pregnancy body condition. Dr. Max Polo is considered the Miami expert on cosmetic surgeries and other non-invasive procedures that can literally sculpt a patient’s body to achieve a more youthful, toned and natural appearance. Often, Dr. Polo will use liposuction along with an abdominoplasty to rid fat cells and tissue from a patient’s waist, hips, abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Sometimes, CoolSculpting and other various body contour treatment methods will be used to get the exact body shape that a lady desires.


CoolSculpting freezes fat cell deposits that will be very naturally eliminated by the body over a period of time from 4 weeks to 6 months. While many women see stunning results in just 4 weeks, most patients will see the most change in 12 weeks time. The body continues to rid itself of these specially treated fat cells for as long as 6 months. Some ladies only desire one treatment, and others will repeat this easy and swift procedure for several sessions to achieve their maximum results.

Skin Tightening

Another cosmetic procedure often performed concurrently with other body shaping and contouring methods is Ultherapy. This unique skin toning procedure requires zero effort or downtime, and like CoolSculpting requires no surgery or needles. Ultherapy utilizes sound waves to encourage the body’s natural skin tightening responses that are typically seen in 2-3 months time. However, many patients see the first changes immediately after their 35 to 60 minute session. Some patients that have stubborn pockets of cellulite also can benefit from another non-invasive cellulite reduction cosmetic procedure.

Mommy Makeover Miami FL

Anyone desiring a better body shape are urged to log onto Mommy Makeover Miami FL web page to learn more. Call 305-595-2969 to schedule your personal body contouring and/or Mommy Makeover Miami FL consultation appointment. Get your pre-baby body back.

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