What are Vbeam Laser Treatments All About?

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The Vbeam laser Miami therapy is a vascular laser able to target red small blood vessels and tiny capillaries. Specifically, this laser eliminates many skin discolorations and pigment issues such as rosacea, freckles, age or sun spots, facial veins, and even stubborn port wine stains. This cutting-edge skin treatment can give patients an even skin tone that doesn’t have noticeable pigmented mars or spots.

What is a Vbeam Laser and How Does It Work?

A Vbeam laser uses advanced PDL or Pulsed Dye Laser to precisely target problem reddened or pigmented skin issues with delicate light bursts. These light bursts are drawn up into the pigmented skin discolorations and vessels and absorbed. These tiny vessels and problem spots are heated by the gentle and evenly spread micro-pulses of light beams to produce an even and firmer skin complexion. A special Dynamic Cooling Device ensures more skin protection in the form of a cooling mist triggered before each pulsated burst of laser-induced light.

Are There Benefits of Vbeam Laser Miami Therapy?

There are some terrific benefits of the Vbeam laser Miami therapy. Patients often immediately notice firmer skin in the treated areas. This non-surgical skin treatment delivers effective, proven safe, consistent and amazing results. The average number of treatments recommended is typically 4 through 12 sessions. This amount varies depending on each patient’s unique case. Most patients feel more confident about their faces and other treated areas, and many report increased socialization due to their improved appearances.

Who Are the Best Candidates for Vbeam Laser in Miami?

Patients that are good candidates for this revolutionary skin treatment include those with cherry angiomas, sun spots, age marks, freckles and raised or reddened skin scars. Also, those with embarrassing spider veins or other tiny leg veins that cannot be removed with traditional sclerotherapy. Individuals that have noticeable port wine type stains or other pigmented birthmark could also benefit from this treatment in many cases. If desiring to treat acne related scars, be sure to consult your surgeon about any acne medication as some need to be stopped months in advance of this procedure due to the increased likelihood of further skin discoloration.
Prospective patients wanting to find out if Vbeam laser therapy is right for them can contact our Miami Plastic Surgery office to schedule a personalized consultation appointment.

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